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At Proud Mother we are passionate about mental health awareness and removing the stigma many face unnecessarily. Proud Mother co-founder Genevieve Bailey was recently asked to direct a new campaign for SANE AUSTRALIA with HOT GLUE in Melbourne. The response to date has been great and we invite you to take a look at these 8 Australians shining a light on their mental health journey in order to help others.

NEWS JUST IN -  SANE Forums has just won the #TheMHS Conference Award for Excellence in Psychosocial Support. Congrats to all involved!

Check out SANE AUSTRALIA on FACEBOOK HERE and please share these stories with your friends, family and colleagues. #itsoktotalk

Stay tuned for more details about our next project currently in production,

View the 8 videos from the #LivingStories #ThrivingCommunities campaign below or here